Coin Code: DRK

Hashing Algorithm: Scrypt


DarkCoin aims to be the first privacy-centric cryptographic currency with fully encrypted transactions and anonymous block transactions. These features are a work on progress and will be released in stages in the near future.

Coin Details

Coin Market CAP:$8756.75431132 USD
Coin Price:$0.00 USD
Coin in Existence:13,061,361
Coin Position (CAP):447
Block Count:242019 Blocks
Block time:150 secs
Block Reward:3.00000000
Mining Difficulty4816.04610951
Profit Ratio:0.00000000
Profit Ratio Avg:0.00000000


  • 0.00000% Pre-mined
  • Super secure hashing algorithm: 11 rounds of scientific hashing functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo)
  • Block reward is controlled by Moore's law: (11111 / (((Difficulty+51)/6) ^ 2))
  • CPU only mining
  • Block generation: 2.5 minutes
  • Difficulty Retargets based on Kimoto's Gravity Well
  • 84 Million Coins Max
  • Block reward halving every 2 years
  • Encrypted transaction network: Work In Progress
  • Anonymous blockchain using coinjoin technology: Work In Progress

Market Prices

Exchange Currency Pair Last Price
Cryptsy DRK/BTC 0.00682957
Cryptsy DRK/USD 2.94999999
Cryptsy DRK/LTC 0.88787870
Cryptsy DRK/XRP 601.00000000
Bittrex BTC-DRK 0.01011077
Bittrex LTC-DRK 0.00000000

Last 1000 Transactions

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