Coin Code: NKA

Hashing Algorithm: Scrypt


Incakoin is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere In the world.

Coin Details

Coin Market CAP:$97914.3947919 USD
Coin Price:$0.00 USD
Coin in Existence:7,404,294,827
Coin Position (CAP):419
Block Count:0 Blocks
Block time:0 secs
Block Reward:
Mining Difficulty
Profit Ratio:
Profit Ratio Avg:


  • SHA-256 ASIC Friendly
  • Proof of work/Proof of Stake
  • Starting addy will be letter N or NK
  • 420NKA per block not to drop below 2
  • Max coins 190 million coins half every 6 months
  • 5000 blocks to mature
  • 5 blocks to re target
  • Transaction messaging
  • 30sec/blocks
  • Only 3 confirms for transaction
  • UPNP & QR support

Market Prices

Exchange Currency Pair Last Price

Last 1000 Transactions

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