Coin Code: MRS

Hashing Algorithm: Scrypt


Currently, there are two attempts underway to establish the first human base on Mars. While technologically not impossible funding such a project (estimated at 6-20 billion) is a major obstacle. If you share our dream of making that first giant step for mankind a reality, then Marscoin might be something for you.

Coin Details

Coin Market CAP:$13181.0511024 USD
Coin Price:$0.00 USD
Coin in Existence:18,863,731
Coin Position (CAP):428
Block Count:0 Blocks
Block time:0 secs
Block Reward:
Mining Difficulty
Profit Ratio:
Profit Ratio Avg:


  • scrypt litecoin-based cryptocurrency
  • 1 block per 2 Mars minutes
  • 50 coins per block
  • 590 Blocks Per Mars Day
  • Difficulty retarget every 24 hours 39 Minutes (Mars day)
  • Subsidy halves every Mars Year
  • ~33 million total coins
  • 300k donation

Market Prices

Exchange Currency Pair Last Price
Bittrex BTC-MRS 0.00001010
Bittrex LTC-MRS 0.00000000

Last 1000 Transactions

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