Coin Code: MMC

Hashing Algorithm: Scrypt


MemoryCoin is a new cryptocurrency that aims to empower the economically and financially marginalized. It allows individuals to participate in the internet economy even when they live in countries where credit card companies and PayPal refuse to operate. Individuals can store and transfer wealth with just a memorized pass phrase.

Coin Details

Coin Market CAP:$22558.6604378 USD
Coin Price:$0.00 USD
Coin in Existence:10,073,034
Coin Position (CAP):417
Block Count:0 Blocks
Block time:0 secs
Block Reward:
Mining Difficulty
Profit Ratio:
Profit Ratio Avg:


  • POW Hash: Momentum (64K XOR AES-CBC x 50) with SHA512 Generation
  • Block target: 6 minutes
  • Port: 1968
  • Codebase: ProtoShares 0.8.6 (Bitcoin 0.8.5)
  • Block reward: 280 MMC, 5% reduction every 1680 blocks
  • Total Coins: 10 Million coins in the first 2 years, 2% inflation thereafter
  • Difficulty Retargeting: Every block with the Kimoto

Market Prices

Exchange Currency Pair Last Price
Bittrex BTC-MMC 0.00000000
Bittrex LTC-MMC 0.00350000

Last 1000 Transactions

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