Coin Code: FTC

Hashing Algorithm: Scrypt


Feathercoin is based on Litecoin, which is safeguarded from the effects of Bitcoin ASIC mining. It has a block reward of 200 coins and will have a total of 336 million coins. This makes it four times that of LiteCoin. It joins the crypto currency family by positioning itself with Litecoin in the same way that Litecoin is aligned with Bitcoin. It does not compete with Bitcoin or Litecoin, it complements them.

Coin Details

Coin Market CAP:$2557852.23216 USD
Coin Price:$0.02 USD
Coin in Existence:160,033,800
Coin Position (CAP):119
Block Count:1693479 Blocks
Block time:60 secs
Block Reward:80.00000000
Mining Difficulty5.95721956
Profit Ratio:576.87263381
Profit Ratio Avg:276.90879474


  • Default port is 9336
  • Forwarding this port can help if you have connection problems Default RPC port is 9337

Market Prices

Exchange Currency Pair Last Price
Cryptsy FTC/LTC 0.00145013
Cryptsy FTC/BTC 0.00001149
Cryptsy FTC/USD 0.00568177
Cryptsy FTC/XRP 1.00000013
Bittrex BTC-FTC 0.00006000
Bittrex LTC-FTC 0.00600319

Last 1000 Transactions

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